You may think from the title of this post that KindCrop is brand new to the cannabis game. And in some ways you’d be right. However, although KindCrop as an entity is new to the scene, we’ve been building our team, experience, and capabilities in the industry for quite some time–not for weeks nor months, but for years. As the cannabis industry continues to grow, we felt the time is now, to set our stake in the ground and contribute our expertise and know-how to build powerful cannabis brands that can stand the test of time. The future stops for no one, and we believe that our skillset is perfectly suited to help the most important cannabis companies succeed in an ever-changing and dynamic environment.


Why KindCrop?

KindCrop is unique because we leverage lessons learned across a wide spectrum of industries to develop cannabis brands that can lead the way in this new economy, with credibility, scalability, and integrity. We take time to consider strategic drivers surrounding your brand, as well as your company goals and objectives. While we can help you for the next month on your next ad-hoc project, our desire is to help you for the long-haul, to establish a strong foundation for your branding and marketing program. By knowing the intricacies of your business we are equipped to help you grow for the future, whether that means going public, spinning off a segment of your business, launching a new product line, or acquiring new businesses and adding new sales territories as legislation changes.


Is KindCrop the right fit for my company?

There are certain types of companies that best align with our capabilities and philosophy. Our sweet spot lies in helping visionary companies that leverage the benefits of cannabis to promote health and wellbeing, medicinal innovation, cannabis cultivation, and provide industry services in support of a thriving cannabis economy. We also work with dispensaries and other sales/distribution companies who seek aggressive expansion with the potential to launch their own branded products. We work with edibles companies, as well as other recreational non-smokable products. We do not work with vaping or smoking device companies.


What do you do?

KindCrop is a full-service, cannabis-specific branding and marketing firm. One thing that sets KindCrop apart is our core strength is in developing brand strategies to best tell your story, while accurately defining key opportunities for differentiation and growth. We bring a business mindset to your brand, and everything is done with a purpose. To breath life into you brand, we can execute everything from logo and identity development, to website design, marketing messaging and collateral creation, packaging, advertising, video, as well as digital and social media marketing. You can learn more about what we do on our Services page.


How do we get started?

Getting started is simple. You can call us a 303.296.0119, or email We’re happy to sit down for an insightful conversation to learn more about your goals and needs.


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