Case Study

Escape Artists

With a focus on elevating a brand that stands alone, Domoto Brands began work with Escape Artists to create sophisticated, high-impact visuals, packaging, and messaging to set the company's unique product line apart.
Escape Artists offer a premium line of gels and creams that deliver fun, relaxation, and relief to customers in search of high levels of product effectiveness, quickly. Commanding attention was at the core of Domoto's approach to color story and design for Escape Artists' intuitive product packaging system. Color use allows customers to distinguish between product variations, key product benefits, and usage cases. Working with the Escape Artists team and packaging manufacturer, Domoto developed select form factors as unique as Escape Artists' ground breaking product delivery methods.
Domoto also created point-of-purchase (POP) display boxes, in-store signage and sales collateral, product coupons, and promotional items. In the digital space, Domoto designed the Escape Artists website to echo the sophistication of the products, all while delivering valuable information to consumers about each product and its respective benefits.

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